When I was taken on as Archivist for this project I can honestly say I had no idea what I would do. I knew I would have to capture whatever I could but was given absolute free reign in how I would achieve that. So I loaded my bag with camera, pens and paper and hoped that when I entered the space inspiration would guide my hand.

Early on I relied heavily on the camera; a person taking photos, I figured, has a very definite purpose and I needed to establish a reason for being in a room full of people who all had very well defined roles when I was an obvious outsider making very little impact on the work being created. This was fine at first but then as the conversations started to develop within the group I realised that the camera was not the best way to capture the essence of what was being said, so I dropped the Canon and picked up a pen and started making notes and sketches in a sketchbook. I drew quick cartoons that played on the many ideas that began flying round the space and wrote down fragments of speech that I figured might serve as an aide memoire for the creative process. This was the basis of what became “The Journal”.

I give advance warning that there is rather a lot of swearing peppered throughout it’s pages… I make no apologies for this but I do advise caution if such things cause offence.

shrop01 shrop02 shropmissshrop03 shrop04 shrop05


It became clear that whilst being a useful tool in documenting the general feeling and experience of being in the space “The Journal” might also prove invaluable in documenting the character arcs, relationships and interactions that were developing through the actors’ improvisations. I decided to add a character “family tree” flow chart as well as specific character profile pages.

shrop06 shrop07 shrop08 shrop09 shrop010 shrop011

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